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    Tuesday, December 02, 2014   /   by Ryan Boyce

    Community Series: Pungo - Virginia Beach

    As we continue our community series which highlights different neighborhoods around Hampton Roads we are going to take you into the beautiful community of  Pungo in Virginia Beach.
    Pungo is a rural community located in the southern part of the independent city of Virginia Beach, Virginia and was one of the seven original boroughs when the City of Virginia Beach was created in 1963. The area derives its name from a local Indian tribe, the Machipungo, a branch of the Chesapeake tribe.[1] It was named for a local Indian chief, Machiopungo. Because the community is located in an independent city, there has been no individual census for the unincorporated community, which was originally part of Princess Anne County until 1963, when the entire county became part of Virginia Beach. Like much of southern Virginia Beach, the area is surrounded by farmland.

    Pungo is located about ten miles (16 km) south of ...

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    Friday, November 07, 2014   /   by Madison Souther

    Week & Weekend Activity (11/3-11/9)



    929 Johnstons Road in Norfolk
    2800 Poinciana Drive in VA Beach
    5920 McClure Road in Norfolk
    410 Ashlawn Drive in Norfolk
    3716 Riverside Drive in Norfolk
    9545 20th Bay #A in Norfolk
    9545 20th Bay #B in Norfolk
    5216 Riverwood Road in Norfolk
    345 Canaan Circle in Suffolk
    730 Filer Street in Norfolk
    900 Hathaway Court in Chesapeake
    2207 Monty Court in Norfolk
    3533 Brest Avenue in Norfolk
    953 West Road in Chesapeake
    108 Park Road in Chesapeake
    309 Park Road in Chesapeake
    3338 Mintonville Point Drive in Suffolk
    1210 Virgilina Avenue in Norfolk
     920 Daniel Maloney Drive in VA Beach

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    Tuesday, November 04, 2014   /   by Madison Souther

    Get what you want, what you really, REALLY want.

    When I was a kid, my parents didn't teach me the value of things. A dollar, a pet, a car, a house...I knew they were "important", but that was all I really thought. They'd go into some detail, sometimes, and say things like "don't you want to get smart and go to college?" or "you need to go to college to be successful and make a lot of money". It wasn't until after high school that I realized how important what I had just finished was. I barely graduated high school, I was put into a "plus" program which doubled my credits my senior year so I could graduate with my class...they literally re-taught us basic math and science to get us out of school. Once I graduated, some of my colleagues went on to college, while most said "I'm gonna take a year off and work and figure out what I want to do with my life". I obviously was one of the latter, because I was a near drop out and knew I couldn't get into anything but a community college. Right out of high school, I worked for 11 months, while ...

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